Comic 483 - Chapter 22

13th Aug 2017, 2:17 AM in Chapter 22
Chapter 22
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Lopriest 13th Aug 2017, 2:17 AM edit delete
I don't have this next chapter ready yet, so be patient while I finish ;) Should start posting it in 2-3 weeks.
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chk 13th Aug 2017, 4:25 PM edit delete reply
Really nice start, though.
man in black 14th Aug 2017, 12:10 AM edit delete reply
man in black
Guest 3rd Dec 2017, 8:20 PM edit delete reply
not to rush you or anything, I know there are always unforeseen problems, but just for the sake of knowing....were those metric 'weeks' ? ;) nice art and story, missing it...
Lopriest 3rd Jan 2018, 9:15 AM edit delete reply
Sorry, hoping to get back to this eventually but had some RL distractions. Hope to continue soon but might be a few months.
highlander55 28th Feb 2018, 7:17 PM edit delete reply
@Lopriest, Waiting sucks but RL distractions cannot wait. Understandable first things first.
Miamistax 23rd May 2018, 1:44 AM edit delete reply
Still checking.
Guest 11th Aug 2018, 3:14 PM edit delete reply
In two days (today being 08/11/2018) it will be a year since your last post will there be another or is this all there is
Miamistax 24th Dec 2018, 9:38 PM edit delete reply
Happy Holidays. Still checking.
Miamistax 10th May 2019, 8:24 PM edit delete reply
Hope RL isn't too much of a bear. Still checking.
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